the second story

Awhile back I met a man at a bar with a rather unusual story. David is a taxidermist. I had never met a taxidermist before and I had so many questions he invited me to spend the day with him in his studio to learn more about the practice.

I read up on taxidermy beforehand and learned it is an art born from science. It became popular when naturalists were paid to board ships tasked with finding something new and returning with a good story. Taxidermy aided this effort. It allowed them to preserve what they saw and bring it back to life.

The day I went to David’s workshop I learned his story was about more than stuffing dead animals. The second story was the one I wanted to tell. So I wrote it. Then it sat in my documents folder for a long time. One day a photographer wanted to pair my words with his photos. This is what happened when we did.

3 thoughts on “the second story

  1. Awesome story, Munsey. I love how it is about so much more than just taxidermy….family, work life balance, what hunting means to people. The writing and the photos are both beautiful.

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