Dear Tito,

I don’t blame you for wanting to leave.

This year you were saddled with a bunch of overpaid, underperforming divas when you should have been coaching ballplayers. Perhaps managing both was too much to ask? In the final days of the Sox’s latest epic collapse I frequently heard from fans that we didn’t deserve to go to the postseason. It was a phrase I admitted more than once. The truth is, I didn’t like our team this year. All the newbies Theo hired have zero personality or work ethic. And none look good in tight pants.

The veterans were no better. Probably worse in my opinion. They couldn’t even muster the decency to look ashamed of themselves – and each other – during the September slide. To be honest, I’ve been a little distant from them the past two years. My relationship with Josh cooled when he stopped answering the call to perform. People said maybe he was injured. I just think he stopped caring about the game. About his teammates. About us all.  I have put his jersey in the back of the drawer where all the T shirts from all the boys who broke my heart remain. Including Nomar.

But I am not going to put it all on Josh or the rest of the bullpen. I won’t pin the blame on Lackey, the oldest 32-year-old I’ve ever seen. It was a collective failure by a team bound only by the name on the bottom of their paycheck.

If the front office is that eager to see you go, all I ask is one last favor. Would you mind escorting everyone besides Pede, Lester, and Jacoby out too? Just leave them in the parking lot next to the recycling bins.

Anyhow Tito, thanks for the championships. I don’t think we could have done it all without you.


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