Today, like millions of dutiful children across America, I picked up the phone and called my dad. He was heading to the backyard to grill. He was going to sit poolside and enjoy the sunshine with my mom.

We shifted from Father’s Day talk to discussing the everyday – work, my plans for the afternoon, the weather here. The same stuff we cover every time we talk. And then I hung up the phone.

Afterward, I realized it was the first phone call I have had with my father in the past six months where I did not ask, how are you? without some additional meaning behind it. Where I was not asking about treatments or tests, doctor’s appointments or results.  Where I was not asking, how are you really feeling. Do you still have hair? Are you nauseous? How is mom?

I told D.

And then I teared up.  Not because I didn’t ask him. But because I didn’t have to. So this Father’s Day is a special one for me. Because it was normal. Because my dad still answers the phone when I want to wish him well, when I need advice, when I want to just say hi. I love you. And I am so very glad you are here.

5 thoughts on “lucky

  1. Cherish this time, when the flow of life is positive and you viscerally feel that it is, having come from a time of fragility and uncertainty. May life continue to bless you all.

  2. Thank you Gary. I love that word you used. Cherish. I feel we do not use it enough in the everyday. I will try to incoporate it more into mine. But, yes, right now things feel positive. And I am grateful that it is so. I hope all is wonderful in your world. Especially now that it appears spring has finally arrived in New England. And Utah.

  3. I think it’s difficult to cherish something unless one has faced the real possibility of losing it.

    Life is good here, an especially memorable Father’s Day as my daughter graduated from high school, in the top 5% of her class. Four years ago, as the school year ended, she had undergone two surgeries to remove a brain tumor.

    Life had taken a sudden, unexpected, and threatening turn. That’s when I truly learned the meaning of cherish.

  4. You are a blessing. The only thing better than having two kids and your wife poolside at a BBQ is having your three kids there. But I hoisted a brew to you, and my taste buds let me enjoy it for a change! Father’s Day seems more special; all holidays do, strike that, all days do when you face the possibility of no more tomorrows. It sometimes takes wake up calls that are far too harsh to make you see the beauty in every sunrise and sunset. They should always be shared with a loved one; may you enjoy the loving company that I have had for 37 years. Not extinct yet!

  5. Gary, happy belated Father’s Day to you. So good to hear about your daughter. Congratulations to her and all that she has endured to get to where she is today. (And to her family as well.)

    Dinosaur, I am glad you can finally taste those imports. I am drinking a Sam Adams Noble Pils and toasting to your next sunrise.

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