all that she does

It is raining out. It is Mother’s Day. And I am 2,000 miles away from mine. I did not buy her a card. I meant to. But last week I lost track of the days. I let other things get in the way. The fact is, I regret that; and the truth is, my mom would never forget to buy her mother a card for Mother’s Day, or for whatever occasion it was that called for a moment of pause to take into account someone other than yourself. The reason is simple. My mom is a mom. She isn’t qualified to be selfish. The job doesn’t really allow it.

Moms are really good at remembering other people and how they would like to be remembered.  They consider other people’s feelings. Understand that details are important. Like hand tying ribbons to their daughter’s wedding shower favors. Always having fresh sheets ready for the guest room. And telling people that you love them. Because sometimes people forget. And they need to be reminded. So this post is for my mom. For all that she does.

A mom is your first boss. She recruits you to sift flour, measure sugar, and pour milk. She trusts you to crack eggs and stir batter. A mom is the first person to let you lick the spoon. Even if you’re not supposed to.

A mom is your first teacher. She shows you what you need to know in life. Like how to take care of people when they need taking care of.

She lets the dog up on the furniture where Bella’s not supposed to be. But is where she is needed most. Because she knows that sometimes it’s okay to break house rules.

A mom knows to rub your back when it needs rubbing. Because a warm hand upon your back makes it easier to endure the times when life seems hard to endure. If not impossible.

A mom is your first coach. She explains to you the rules of the game. She shows you how to take risks, consider your actions, and always play to win. And she prepares you for losing.

Because sometimes you lose big. You lose what is important. You lose something that can’t be replaced.

And life gets harder. But a mom is someone who reminds you how you survive when times are tough. You save the tin foil. You make shit on a shingle. And you don’t complain. Because God is good. Your life is good. And you should live it.

A mom holds your hand when life gets tough. And you need to be tougher.

She teaches you to look out for yourself.

To trust someone else.

To love someone else.

And for all of those things, I am grateful.

5 thoughts on “all that she does

  1. Thanks Kat. I think it’s because you know all the people in the pictures. 🙂
    I think I may be making a trip back east to visit them this summer. I will keep you posted…

  2. That was brilliant! Your mom is lucky and eternally grateful to have you. You remind me how special moms are. Love 🙂

  3. Thanks Megs. Moms are kind of awesome. Especially mine. And I am eternally grateful to have so many lovely women in my life who are not moms, but the play the part sometimes. Yeah, that means you.

  4. OK, just read your blog; I guess you’re off the hook for a card this year!!!!! Beautiful writing, as always dear Kris. Moms always miss their children when they don’t have them near by for a long time; so I am glad to read that you may be coming “home” this summer.
    You have certainly learned the lessons of loving others; you have had many wonderful role models. It is really in giving of yourself; in all the little things, that end up to be the big things in life.
    I love you and your siblings dearly. You children are the best gift I could every give to the world. I light up when I see each of you walk into a room or call me on the phone. I wish that each of you find lasting love in your significant others; and always remember to show respect and honesty to one another. Be patient, be kind, and don’t forget “the little things.”
    Love you for always.

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