Dear team-who-continues-to-disappoint,

Please check your Palm Pilots. Your iPhones. Or your Droids. Whatever it is you have been referring to for text messages from your ladyfriends in between games. Please scroll to the top. Now check the date. See that?

We are now playing in the regular season.  Please update your calendars to reflect the change. Stop hustling the city of Boston and get to work. Make a plan. And make sure everyone else is one board before you leave the dugout. Because right now apparently only Josh Beckett is in on it.

“Everyone here knows how to win,” he told reporters after tonight’s fourth consecutive loss. “We’ll figure it out. We know what we’ve go to do.”

Ask Josh for details. In the meantime, let me help you out. It’s called winning.The concept is rather straightforward. You simply score more runs than the other team. You outpitch them and you outhit them. It’s not really science. It’s more like first grade math. I know you can handle it.

Now, don’t be thinking that just because I moved to Utah means I am not paying attention. It just means my flights are 90 minutes closer than I was. So get on it.


4 thoughts on “Dear team-who-continues-to-disappoint,

  1. i will pass along what my boss just said to me: “don’t despair about the red sox. they’re still undefeated at home.”

    fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  2. That is a good outlook indeed.

    The state of affairs in Red Sox Nation is depressing, embarrassing, and frustrating. But, then again, coming from behind is what we do best.

  3. Their Starters are killing them, lackey is a scrub, no way around that. Beckett is inconsistant, he can be amazing one day and allow 5 Homeruns the next. They never hit when Lester pitches good, bucholtz is a streaky pitcher. Dice-K shouldnt be in the MLB and wakefield isnt a starter anymore. Their bullpen will be fine just lacking middle relief. Their hitters are trying to hit homeruns, there ignoring small ball. They will turn it around eventually, I dont think they will win it all though.

  4. Famous last words Brendan … 🙂 You are right about Lester though. That poor man never gets any run support. Although, we just need to clone Pedroia. And Beckett from yesterday. Then we are set.

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