today i saw this …

I am not a photographer. Nor do I aspire to be one.

And while I love the idea of preserving a moment on film – even just until we can show someone that yes, this actually happened, or yes, this truly exists, or yes, I really ate that – I am better at capturing these experiences with words.

So, why I am going to tell you that I recently started a photo blog? Because lately the words just aren’t coming. I think they are bored with me. And I guess I am too.

I am hoping that by training my brain to think a little differently – to consider each missed train, each doorway, each wrong way, to be an avenue of possibility – that I will finally locate my creativity. Because right now it is lost and refuses to ask for directions.

The images on todayisawthis are not meant to impress or inspire you. They are meant to inspire me.  The shots are taken on an iPhone 3G during moments that give me pause. And I admit. Most are poor quality. Most are of ordinary things. Sometimes I cut out important details. Like people. And backgrounds. But that isn’t the point. Because this photo project is actually a writing assignment. It is an effort to salvage my relationship with my words. Because we are stuck in a routine. And routines are good. Until they are bad.

This new blog is an effort to get me to take an alternate route home every day. To look up instead of down. To say yes instead of no. And take notice of the people and things happening around me.

My goal is that by taking the time to capture at least one thing that catches my eye every day, considering it, and then sharing it with you, that maybe I will eventually find my words. Perhaps on a side street somewhere in San Francisco – eating chocolate donuts, wearing my favorite dress, and pretending they were never anywhere but right in front of me.

To see what I’ve been up to you can visit I am still tweaking the site. It will likely change in the next few weeks. To be honest, I hope it changes in the next few weeks. But I thought I should get it out there and start holding myself accountable to the exercise.

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