Breaking up with Apple?

Dear Steve Jobs,

I left a long-term relationship for you. In fact, it was so committed, that when I walked there were broken contracts and financial penalties in my wake. I left because you promised me something better. You wooed me with your polished product line of glass touchscreens that could sync my schedules, organize my life, and entertain me at all times. The possibilities were truly endless.

I admit. It was easy to leave Verizon. Especially after the primitive Samsung they sold me. It was like communicating in the dark ages. My new iPhone held so much promise I didn’t mind doubling my rates for you. Then things started to change. Conversations got shorter. We could no longer conduct a simple discussion without uncomfortable bouts of silence. Talks with my nana were punctuated with dropped calls. Do you have a nana Steve? How would you feel if she kept thinking you were hanging up on her?

I don’t want to tell you this. And I am not trying to embarrass you, but I find myself reminiscing about the good old days. When I could curl up on the couch with my phone, decide to make some tea, walk into the kitchen, and continue talking to the person on the other line. You remember, when cell phones were actually mobile devices? Days when coverage really meant something?

Don’t get me wrong Steve. I don’t like telling you that I sometimes fantasize about leaving. But lately I feel like I’m engaged in an abusive relationship with my iPhone. I hear myself telling my family, you don’t know what it’s like when it’s just us and it’s good …

And lately Steve, it’s not good. I should never find myself crouched on the sidewalk saying, ‘Can you hear me now? No? Now? How about now? Wait. I’ll email you…” No one should ever tell me, “Can you use a payphone?” I have a phone I pay for …

You’re a smart guy Steve. You know it doesn’t add up. And I don’t want to walk away. I’m committed to staying with you. I’m legally bound to you for another year. Yes. I have thought about the possibility that maybe I’m expecting too much from you. I mean GPS, thousands of apps, internet, music player, and a phone? But I visited the Apple web site today and it was right there on the iPhone page: “it’s a phone …” The phrase was repeated several times later, “iPhone is more than just a phone … all that makes it the best phone you’ll ever use … It works like no other phone.”

See why I am so upset Steve? I appreciate that you made me something pretty. I do. But I want it to be more than something I admire for its potential. Honey, I pay $121 a month for it to work. So please go talk to your friends over at AT&T. I heard a rumor you might be talking to Verizon. I’m usually not like this, but I’m ok if we have an open relationship with them. In fact, I still have their number. You should call them. Really. I don’t mind.


5 thoughts on “Breaking up with Apple?

  1. Don’t give up on Apple yet! They just need to get hooked up with Verizon. The only phones that worked down in Haiti were Iphones with international cards and Blackberrys with international cards. ATT just sucks, plain and simple. I suspect it’s more likely that the ATT people haven’t paid off enough people in Frisco to get their band width like the other carriers. My new Droid is an IPhone wanna be, cannot compare though it does have Verizon. And it won’t work internationally. I only got it because it was a free upgrade…now I know why it was free, no one would buy it.

  2. LOL. Well… I am now glad I am still with verizon with my cheap plan and cheap phone, ha. The main reason is that while in grad school there was no way I could justify the over $100/mo phone plan. But maybe when I am out of school, and my 2 yr upgrade is available I will be able to stay with Verizon and have an iPhone. We shall see. I do miss cingular/att’s rollover minutes. Ah, let’s face it – there’s always something to complain about w/technology.

  3. Just wanted to make another comment about this after having talked to the BF about iphone going to other networks. What I got out of the convo is that when iphone first went to att the network wasn’t big enough – but they expanded/upgraded to the 3G…. however – since the iPhone is only through them & everyone & their mom’s wanted one – it essentially “clogged” the network. So big cities like BOS, NY, San Fran all got bogged down and have things like dropped calls happen all the time.

    SO… my point in all of this is that once the iPhone is available on other networks, att will probably work just fine/better than it is now. Because it won’t be “clogged”anymore since people have other options. Just sayin’. We shall see, though.

  4. Don’t get me wrong Kat. I LOVE my iPhone. I will still use it and curse until additional networks are open.

    I love when I can have conversations on it without being calls being dropped. I love that I have instant access to everything I need to know. I love the apps that make my life easier. I love that the iPhone is easy to use.

    But it’s an expensive investment that comes with crappy AT&T service. I think you’re right about the clogged service, 3G stuff. I just don’t feel Apple customers should be locked into a provider when the basic needs of its service are not being met. Phones make phone calls. I really hope Steve, ATT&T and Verizon work it out.

    Pray that it is soon.

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