the things i do not know

This month I began learning practical life skills.

As 2009 wound down I considered what I wanted to accomplish in the new year. I made lists, bought a new laptop, and even attempted an Excel spreadsheet. Then I performed some email housekeeping. I reread old journals and cards and was rattled to find myself still writing about the same disappointments, and in some cases, the same disappointing people as a decade ago.

So I changed course. And 2010 became more about what I wanted to learn and finding new subject matter to explore. Because I am tired of writing about wanting and love. Failed love. Rejected love. Acquiring love. Love and all its possibilities, love, and all the baggage that seems to come with it.

Instead, 2010 is the year I learn to tie rope. Because there is something valuable about understanding the strength of one chord. I will learn to navigate by the stars. Because there is something beautiful about being able to find your way out of a dark place. This year I will backpack to places I have never heard of. Visit glaciers that may not be here in another decade. Put holes in maps I haven’t yet unfolded.

To prepare, I signed up for a series of classes throughout the spring. Beginning with bicycle repair. This month I am learning how to change a flat. Because sometimes you need to be your own hero. I am learning how to true my own wheel. Because there is something empowering about establishing a balance that will keep you safe. I will learn CPR. Because there is something sexy about knowing how to save a life.

This year I will learn to boneset, stitch broken flesh, make potable water, survive without comforts. I will learn to trust myself to get unlost. Because I am tired of waiting for someone else to adventure with, someone else to teach me the things I do not know.

3 thoughts on “the things i do not know

  1. 2010 most definitely means change. And creeping out of my comfort zone. Funny enough, I am making my own spreadsheet – it helps me organize my goals and make sure I stay on track. Sounds like you are well on your way… you’ll add to my motivation! Taking comfort that I am not the only one that said enough already, its time to take charge! 🙂

  2. K – this post is incredible. and i think i’m going to add taking charge/embracing myself to my to do list for 2010. thanks for the kick in the pants.

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