Dear Apple,

It’s been a while since I last wrote. And I have to say, I’m hurt.

I came to you tonight in need of support. I  came to you because I needed your advice. Because you’re supposed to be the best. I never imagined you would take advantage of me in my hour of need.

Apple, I was honest with you from the very beginning. And I thought you were listening. I thought you cared.

“All I want is a scanner,” I said softly, my head bowed.  “Do you guys have scanners?”

At first I couldn’t identify that look in your eyes. Surprise? Curiosity? Confusion? But no. I recognize it now. You looked at me and thought: sucker.

And well, maybe I am.

Because ten minutes later I walked out the door leaving $142.30 on your little virtual counter. You promised me things were going to be ok. You made it all seem so easy. You even threw that word around to me. Apple, don’t pretend you don’t remember the moment I’m referring to. I believed you when you said there was a rebate. I trusted you. And your reputation. I never thought you would sell me … junk.

But you did. And three hours later I am in the midst of a standoff  with this HP Photosmart C4780 printer/scanner/piece of shit. I’ve installed it. Twice. I followed the directions. Both times. I have rebooted. Downloaded additional browsers. Played with all the glowing buttons. Unsuccessfully attempted to uninstall the software out of spite. Pretended it mattered whether the USB cable was connected even though it’s wireless.

But the truth is, I can’t Google my way out of this problem. What more do you want from me Apple? You already have my money. And now you’ve broken my spirit. I have nothing left to give you.

So this is me. Telling you, I’m a sad Mac.



5 thoughts on “Dear Apple,

  1. Hate to say it – ya should have stayed with something that plays well with others….like my little Dell laptop! Seriously tho Kris, hope you get it all squared away.

  2. I remember it being a pain in the a$$ to install my printer/scanner from HP. Mine, too, is wireless. I’m trying to remember if I had to hook it up via USB before the wireless actually worked. Anyway… point is – I feel your pain… these things can be so frustrating & a waste of time. (at this point you could have had your photos scanned at CVS, ha.)


  3. Kat, it’s such a frustrating experience when you are defeated by a machine weighing less than five pounds, that lacks a heartbeat and a brain, and only blinks “error” in response to your questions: what? what do you need? what am I doing wrong? You feel … inept. Glad I’m not alone.

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