Because having two blogs is not nearly egocentric enough, I am going to come clean and tell you I recently started a third. No, it’s not another stalker web site. And no, I don’t really have that much more to say to you or members of the Red Sox front office at this time. In fact, I’m having trouble enough as it is generating new content for and moodswings.

But what started as a personal project in July grew into something that needed a home outside the notes tab on my iPhone. You may recall I stumbled across an unusual olive tree last month in Calistoga. The branches were covered in white tags passersby had written what they were grateful for on and left behind. The concept is nothing new. Similar projects appear on college campuses year round and over Christmas when children decorate trees with their wishes.

However, there is something quite intimate about reading a stranger’s thoughts – even if they put it out there for you to see. For me, the tags were a snapshot into the heart and mind of someone I will likely never meet. Kind of like Twitter.

I liked stopping to think about the people and things that add value to my life. So every night before bed I repeated the action of recalling the one thing I wanted to remember about the day – even those where I kind of felt like shit. I like to think it impacts how I sleep, how I wake, and the way I treat others I encounter throughout the next day.

Imagine if we all paused for a few minutes everyday to reflect upon what makes us happy. Would we treat each other and ourselves more kindly? Would we be happier? Perhaps then the moments that irk us, for instance, when we miss our bus (and second bus), forget our lunch in the fridge (again), are forced to wait for someone running late, become something we can overlook, and perhaps, even find some trace of enjoyment in. I like to think so.

So I committed one year to the project. I am curious to see if it makes any difference in my daily interactions at all. Due to my technological prowess, I wound up losing the rest of July’s notes after my second failed attempt at backing up my iPhone. So, I decided to house it on a blog. I seem to at least know how to save entries on those. Then I decided I might as well share it with you.

You can visit the site at
Please feel free to participate in the conversation.

4 thoughts on “idea

  1. Glad you like it Mary. I think it’s working already. My favorite coffee shop lady Joan spotted me today at lunch and said: “Oh Kristen! Thank you for that big smile. I needed that.” It’s funny because I feel the same way about her.

  2. AUGH!! AUGH!!! AUGH!!!!

  3. OMG DC. Emily is gloating right now. She hates the new web site. So does Allison. And Abby. Now you. Fine. I will go back to the old version. I just hate looking at me all the time.

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