more shameless promotion of the artist

I will admit it. I am not the best looking, the most talented, the most charming, or the most intelligent child in my family. I do not even have the best hair – or eyebrows for that matter. My brother Matthew does. It’s true. The only thing I do better than Matty is promote him. And I’m not even really good at that.

But in addition to being the best everything in the family, Matthew is also the only musician. I do not count the brief period of time my parents carted me around to music lessons in an attempt to make me a well-rounded child versed in the art of piano and organ playing. I quit the day my teacher tried to make me read music. Flash back to me at 9 years-old …

Me: You mean the little letters don’t appear in the notes forever?”
Teacher: No.
Me: Oh. Ok. I guess I’m done here. Thanks.

That aside, here is a sample of the latest music to come out of Boston. They’re called Ships in the Dark and they’re a very talented group of boys from Massachusetts – all who are much better looking than me. I actually kind of sort of hate them. Now, if you’re only going to listen to one song make it Landslide. It is the one track Matthew sings on and in my very biased opinion, the best song of the three demo tracks appearing on their site.

You may recall Matthew’s brief bout of internet fame as a guest actor in UMass Lowell’s student television show Liberal Arts, episode The Commercial. However, you are more likely to have encountered my little brother in a pub. Matthew’s former band The Klapp performed in various Boston bars and pubs across the North Shore throughout 2003 to 2008. They were a favorite at The Pickled Onion and Kitty O’Shea’s and among college students with a penchant for drinking too much. And my mom.

So check out new music from Ships in the Dark. They barely finished uploading the music when I asked Matty if I could blog about it. Enjoy.

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