32 coffees later

A year ago I unpacked the contents of my wallet to see what extra baggage I was carrying around. The experiment served to examine whether or not I had established a life outside of magnetic strips and a history of something worth saving. Afterward I claimed I had a lot of personal growth to do.

Today I emptied my billfold and I’m not really sure what I was expecting to find. That I’d suddenly become organized? Discover my life is not entirely as cluttered and messed up as it appears when crammed into a six by three bright blue pouch? Realize my purpose was tucked away in some previously unexplored compartment?

Note: I routinely remove the receipts from my wallet. I’m not sure if that’s cheating, but I want no financial record of my purchases. Way too scary …


California license – complete with mugshot photo 1:5 bouncers question
Bank card
AAA card from Merrimack Valley – (still?)
3 identical health care cards
Work ID
coffee club card – 12 away from a freebie
SF Urban Riders business card – (thanks DC)
old Mass license – (I was so cute at 16!)
car insurance card
August Muni pass
$22 in cash
another coffee card – 4 away from a freebie
Safeway card
business card for my masseuse at Indian Springs
Ticket stub from April 14 Red Sox v A’s game – (we lost)
third coffee card – 9 away from a freebie (why do I even bother?)
business card from artist with a glossy picture of his teeth on the front
business card of rental agent I never called
9 forever stamps
another coffee card – (Jesus!) – 7 away from a freebie
June Muni pass – (I boycotted July due to fare hikes in SF)
2 BART cards totaling $7.05 in remaining rides
hair appointment reminder card
business card for Yellow cab call center
summer boat schedule for the Blue and Gold fleet
3 prophecy cards from fortune tellers at the Musee Mecanique. (I visited May 16 with Allison and kept putting in more quarters because I hated my fortunes. The first told me I was a virtuous person who needs to watch out for temptation … Next … The second said I am nature’s stepchild who will one day wake to great happiness but only after an extended period of stumbling. Yikes! And the last informed me that I will be bogged down at work for two months … see why I kept putting quarters in?)

and finally, 3 tiny pink post it notes tacked inside upon which I had scribbled:
1. Pay bill to retain blog name
2. Go get a library card and take out the Three Christs of Ypsilanti
3. You are a permanent squatter in Crazytown.

To do list for next year: Get priorities in order, no more coffee club cards, exit Crazytown

4 thoughts on “32 coffees later

  1. My wallet is actually quite small. I am happy to report that it now closes.

    The whole experience made me flash back to being a kid and sitting at the kitchen table watching my mother clean out her purse. She is the female MacGuyver. I sadly, am not.

    And yes … no credit cards in there. It’s on the list of things to do. 🙂

  2. crazytown:

    A grand villa of byzantine backways.
    I rest in a hammock supported by silken strings,
    I’ve stayed longer than I ever intended
    to see many things,
    think thoughts that swirl about my head on wings,
    I’m not sure I want the crazy mended
    For those living in the land of safe and sane don’t seem to have that much to say to me.


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