149 posts later

One year ago today I started this blog. At the time, I noted how it was only fitting I would join the Internets on Independence Day. My first entry I wrote about how I detested technology. Back then I was afraid of my phone, had no idea what Flickr was, and thought people who used Twitter had an overdeveloped sense of self-importance.

Now, I’ve upgraded to an iPhone (which I still don’t know how to use properly), co-launched a second blog, and fully admit to tweeting. But I remain old school. I still believe boys need to make the first, second, and third moves. I still prefer phone calls over texting. And I still don’t own a digital camera. But I’m not writing today to talk about technology – or boys.

Looking back, I’m not really sure why I started sharing my personal thoughts with all of you anyway. And ‘sharing’ probably isn’t really the best word to use in this case either – that would imply you actually asked for my opinion. I just kind of dumped them on you. But you’ve been kind enough to listen for the past 12 months. So thanks.

The blog was conceived in the same café I sit typing in now with Emily and Allison. They encouraged me to make my thoughts and opinions public knowledge after one of my frequent rants. Maybe the girls were just tired of being the first place I unloaded my ideas. Maybe they recognized that I simply needed an outlet for my emotions. Maybe they thought other people might get something from them. Either way, I had no goal or direction with the blog when I started.

And in truth, I still have no idea what I’m doing. I write about everyday things that move me. Or at least move me to the point of grabbing my laptop and heading to the nearest café with Internet my computer will talk to. Because I do not write in a vacuum. I have to be emotionally invested in a topic. That’s probably why I only write about relationships – whether they are with friends and family, boys, technology, the Boston Red Sox, or with myself.

Over the past 12 months the blog has turned into sort of a life experiment for me. I’ve enjoyed looking back over the past 148 posts and seeing what has changed and what has more or less remained the same: We have a new president – one I actually voted for. I live in the same apartment – though only for the next three weeks. I gained and lost one lovely boyfriend. I’ve trained for and completed a marathon. I’ve applied to law school only to eventually opt not to go, and I’ve launched another blog with Allison which should make us Internet famous any day now. (Fingers crossed.)

While I’m not certain what will unfold over the next year, or whether the blog is something I will continue with at all – as long as I continue to feel deeply about the people and things around me, I’m pretty sure I will have something to say about it.

7 thoughts on “149 posts later

  1. I’m not sure why this showed up in my “blog surfer” but I enjoyed reading it. The act of writing is affirming, soothing, and helps us examine motives, patterns, progress.

    And occasionally, someone reads something and is affected. Whomever Allison may be – may you both strike it blog-rich any day! And enjoy Fenway.

    Happy Fourth!

  2. Interesting. But it seems you do now own a digital camera (isn’t there one in the back of your iPhone?).

    This blogging thing is new to me too (far more recent efforts than your 1 year experience, but hopefully I’ll survive the year too).

    I look forward to reading some of your other posts (I also trained and ran my first marathon last year – Frankfurt am Main, Germany, October ’08).


    1. Hi Matt,

      I knew someone was going to call me out on the iPhone camera. 🙂

      What is your blog called? I’d love to pop over to it sometime. It’s weird what a therapeutic process it is. Good luck with it.

      And congrats on the marathon. It’s a surprisingly emotional experience. I am happy I did it. Next one is scheduled for April 2010 – Boston.


  3. Hi Biglittlewolf,

    Thanks for your kind words. It means a lot! (Plus it’s kind of nice knowing people other than my mom read the blog.) I hope you continue to drop by and participate in the conversation. I aim for a fall encounter with Fenway. Just in time for the playoffs. Knock on wood.

    Best to you!


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