I have been keeping something from you. I wouldn’t say I have been outright lying, however, I have been withholding information. Look, it’s not like you ever asked. Still … I feel guilty. So here it is. The whole truth – shameful as it may be.

For the past two months I have been stalking someone. Actually, a lot of someones. What may surprise you is that I am not alone. I have a co-conspirator. (And a third on the way.) What began as a joke over coffee with my dear friend Allison blossomed into a full on side job of stalking the cute boys of the Bay Area – and then writing about it. We’re totally legit. We even have a Web Site. You should visit it sometime.

I understand if you are a little upset with me right now. I realize I should have disclosed this sooner. But I was kind of … embarrassed? Feeling smug? Uncertain of your response? I just didn’t want to upset up you. But I figured I should tell you now before you hear it from someone else. (Especially since we’re rolling out the new site soon.) Besides, I was already bagged by PB a few weeks ago. It was only a matter of time.

The truth is, every woman, whether she admits it or not, has stalked a love interest. And I learned from the best; my sister used to take me with her in the car to perform drive bys of her crushes in middle school. (You know you did it too.)

And I will fully confess, I used to tack on a few extra miles of my runs back in Boston in hopes of spotting Nomar Garciaparra in his Charlestown neighborhood. (I never did bump into him.) And with social networking sites and Google, tracking your crush is a much easier and time saving endeavor. We promise.

So there you have it. I stalk cute boys and write about it. Deal with it. And visit the new site.

2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Ha ha – awesome. Can’t wait to check out the site. But middle school?? I was still conducting drive by’s with friends in high school. It was more like walk by’s in college, ha.

  2. I knew we weren’t alone Kat!

    I may never grow out of it. This is actually good training for a career in law enforcement. Or crime.

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