my nana

My nana has spunk. Verve. Sass. She has a mind of her own, a Mac laptop and a gmail account. She is savvy. She is smart. And she isn’t afraid to throw down when it counts. Like … when her grandchildren try to treat her to breakfast. Or dinner. Or insist she park in legal parking spaces.

My nana defies what it means to be elderly. She sleeps in until about 10am. She goes to bed late, owns a flat screen TV (which she is still learning how to use), and knows how to Twitter. (She remains unimpressed.)

My nana is not to be afraid to take chances in life. She is daring, impulsive, if not borderline reckless. I won’t mention the details of her driving – my parents read this blog. Let’s just say she gets creative with her interpretation of the penal code for stopping for red lights and handicap parking spaces.

“She’s not your typical grandmother. She’s not afraid to try new things – new age things,” my sister Jen says. “And she wants to do it because she wants to share it with you.”

After three days of visiting her in Florida Jen and I have learned a lot from her. Over the next couple of days I will continue to post the lessons I have gleaned from our Florida visit. But right now my heart feels fulls full. Right now I am really going to miss watching my sister act as IT support while Nana “gambles” online. Right now I am feeling pretty damn smug that I share a fraction of her gene pool.

3 thoughts on “my nana

  1. Krissy I don’t want you to leave the impression that I run red lights. When I exit my complex and I can see that no one is approaching from my left I take a right without coming to a stop.

  2. The driving was insane to put it nicely. I didn’t think I would survive the car rides, no offense nan if you’re reading this. Driving rules apply at all times! 🙂 Signaling and looking before moving over are key!!

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