feeling it

As usual, I was running late this morning and missed both buses I can take to the Caltrain. With no back up plan and laden with a grocery bag filled with whiskey for the new wet bar in my office, I did what anyone in the dark carrying a bag of booze would do at that point: hailed a cab.

Ten minutes later I went from being late to early and with just enough time to pick up some pub grub for my office mates. The occasion? Celebrating that we still have jobs – at least for the time being. And we are also celebrating those who will not be with us in the weeks ahead.

I suspect there is whispering in every hallway in nearly every workplace in America. Who’s getting canned? Who’s going to be here as part of the clean up crew? Am I a nice to have, not a need to have? I believe it is crucial to come together now more than ever, to not ignore the reality that our economy is not in a good place. It kind of feels like we are holding a candlelight vigil praying she makes it through.

Though our office has begun offering seminars on ways to cope with the stress of the current market, I am taking a fundamentally different approach. I know I am young. I bounce well. I know that if laid off I could find another job … at some point. I work hard. I place nice with others. So it’s best not worry about things out of my control. So I choose to cope with the dire situation by escaping it with the company of good people, an occasional strong drink, and plenty of long runs.

Recent news reports have indicated that the unemployment rate in California has breached 10 percent. And that doesn’t count all the part-timers who aren’t making enough to make ends meet or those who have just stopped looking. At one point I knew more people out of work in San Francisco than clocking in. Thankfully, most have found other jobs or are in the process of interviewing. I guess that’s one more reason to celebrate.

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