getting away from it all. sort of – part ii

So it turns out Emily and I drove 310 miles round trip for lunch and a nap on the beach. And it was totally worth it. To be honest, we didn’t end up leaving at 6:30 like I planned (demanded), the only exercise I got was pushing the gas pedal, and we didn’t exactly not use our phones for the entire day. However, I did turn mine off for 12 hours. So that counts for something.

The thing is, we (I) totally would have driven to the Oregon border without the GPS function on the iPhone. Even though I have made this drive before – three times to be precise, I still missed the  exit for 128 and drove 20 minutes north before having Em consult her iPhone. And that was after I had checked the route online an hour earlier over breakfast in Sausalito using her phone. Turns out allowing Emily to join my day of getting away from it all was a good decision.

ME: [in cafe trying to set the route. punch in directions on Googlemaps] 2 days and three hours? What? That can’t be right. Can you do this? [rookie iPhone user.]

EMILY: [takes back her phone] Why is it in kilometers? [hands flutter across the touchscreen.] Want to know why? You were walking.

I realize that I was breaking up with technology for the day, but it just felt that somehow allowing Emily (and me) to check her phone somehow excused me as an accomplice.

But it didn’t really matter in the end. A lot changed over the 48 hours that I first made the rules. At the time I was feeling sad, stressed and flat out frustrated. But when you are in the car with Emily, listening to Mason Jennings and munching on a variety of cheese snacks and chocolate – it’s kind of hard to feel any of the above. I later learned that Emily was cheating the entire time anyway. (I didn’t even consider she could be using restroom breaks for texting.)

Despite taking a sidetrip to Healdsburg in search of apple fritters and exploring a house rotting on the side of 128, we cruised into Mendocino just in time for lunch. After exploring downtown and the seaside trails we headed over to the bar for fish and chips and beers. Then we found an isolated spot at the beach, pretended to read for awhile, and passed out. Twelve hours later we were crossing the Golden Gate feeling exhausted, rather full, and ready to play nice with others once again.

To see pictures of our quicktrip courtesy of Emily visit

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