regressing in the recession

I hate scary movies. As a child I recall screaming and crying in the back of the family station wagon while my parents and older sister calmly watched Gremlins on the big screen at the local drive in theater. Throughout the entire film I covered my ears and stared out the back of the car praying for it to end and pretending I was somewhere else.  (Yes, you read that right. I am old enough to remember drive ins.) But perhaps even  more troubling is the realization I had today that I am regressing to the coping strategies of my childhood.

I used to buy the morning paper every morning for my commute on the train. However, since the Inauguration in January I have fallen off/jumped off the wagon. At this point I can pretty much predict what the headlines will read anyway: stocks fall … again; another newspaper crumbles; politicians still arguing over earmarks. It kind of feels like our country fell in one giant sinkhole and emergency crews are taking their sweetass time getting to us.

Now I will be honest, my decision to stop purchasing the paper is not because I am employing money saving strategies during these financially troubling times. Hell no. I fully admit that I  have reverted back to covering my ears, shutting my eyes and pretending it will all go away soon.

Out of habit I log on to several local papers’ web sites, and just to skim the headlines. But I haven’t actually made it all way through a story about the economy in at least a month. The only news source I religiously still visit is ESPN.  That is how I learned that Nomar Garciaparra is likely signing with the A’s for a one year deal.

While I am not expecting much from the A’s – really, can anyone name the more than two players from the A’s starting lineup this season? – the addition of Nomar to the team will definitely bring me – and my money – back to the ballpark. That is the first smart financial decision I have witnessed someone make this year. Maybe we can jumpstart the economy one hotdog at a time.

4 thoughts on “regressing in the recession

  1. I can name their entire lineup, and most of there pitching staff : ) Only Two sites i actively Check ESPN as well and this.

  2. I love you Soccer Kid.

    I only recognized one of the A’s pitchers and a handful of the active players. Looks like I have some homework to do.

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