conversations between strangers

Sometimes the conversations you overhear articulate how you are feeling better than you ever could. Sometimes these conversations strike a chord you didn’t even know was reverberating inside. And sometimes, they simply make you smile.

This morning I overheard one such conversation between an older man – a coach – and a young boxer. They were discussing how the sport has changed over the decades and how it just isn’t the same since the days of Muhammad Ali.

Boxer: I really enjoy it, but getting hit in the head so many times isn’t good for you. Getting knocked around in the head can really mess you up.

Older man: So can love.

Boxer: [pauses, laughs.] That is true.

I thought it was a fitting conversation to overhear on Valentine’s Day.  In truth, I have problems watching a person get beaten and broken by the hands of another for entertainment purposes. But I find that the sport serves as the perfect metaphor for love.

Boxers  climb into the ring knowing they are going to take a few hits, knowing they will not walk away without collecting a few bruises. They climb into the ring knowing they might lose – even after giving it their all. But they walk away with an opportunity to learn from their mistakes. They walk away knowing they will recover from their wounds and eventually get back in the ring, ready to give it their all once more.

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