conversation with a cabbie – part II

When I moved to San Francisco I knew it was a city renowned for its restaurants, quirky politics and steep hills – not to mention the iconic bridges across the Bay. But here’s what people don’t always know when they move here: San Francisco is home to the nicest cab drivers in the world. Over the past two weeks some of the most engaging people I have met here have been the people driving me home. 

From the backseat this week I celebrated the upcoming inauguration with one, traded auto repair tips with another, and chided the Arizona Cardinals Superbowl berth with another. And last night, I covered new territory with one more – love. He was about 70 years old and had a voice like Louis Armstrong.  Our conversation went something like this.

HIM: [after Allison gets out of the cab on the way home from our weekly Sunday Night Movie.] Your friend is something.

ME: She is. She is quite a catch. She is the founder of Movie Night, she brings the fun.

HIM: I didn’t know she was that fine! You never know in this city. I once chased after this girl I thought was the finest girl I had I ever seen. She had the cutest stomach. Then I got her.

ME: Turned out she wasn’t the finest woman on the planet?

HIM: Well, it’s hard to settle for a soft woman if you have a thing for a hard-bodied woman.

ME: I understand.

Editor’s note:I should interject here. Recently a friend told me that 60 percent of San Francisco’s couples are poly-amorous. I think that figure is rather high. By a lot. But I do think a lot of people here date more than one person at a time. I’ve never been able to do that. I don’t juggle very well. Regardless, I did a little research and could not find facts to support my friend’s claim, although I did come across literature saying that the city is a mecca for the poly-amorous. Interesting.

ME: It’s my understanding that a lot of men here like to date multiple women at a time.

HIM: Can you blame them? This city has some of the most attractive women all around. It’s difficult.

ME: I agree – but we manage. It’s tough, but I demand it. We demand it.

HIM: [laughs.] I like that. I am going to remember that.

ME: Good. Now tell your friends.

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