Sick Day – Part II

I am not cut out for being sick. To be honest, I am just not good at it. Recollections of the “sick days” of my childhood bring to mind images of me resting in my mom’s bed watching reruns of the Brady Bunch while sipping chicken noodle soup. Not to mention all the Jello I could ever want at my disposal. Back then, sick days were fun. No school, no homework, no responsibility. Now that I have had the chance to further reflect, I realize probably wasn’t all that “sick” at the time.

Because for the second time this Winter I found myself nearly incapacitated and lying in bed with a temperature of 102. That is  sick. Tuesday night I revisited every meal I have ever eaten since moving to San Francisco and yesterday it seemed every joint in my body was throbbing, vibrating or twitching in pain. I actually gave that description a lot of thought. Too sore to sleep and too miserable to read,  I lay in bed pondering what level of pain I was in and how I would describe it to the cute doctors in the ER should I need their assistance. Hey, I had the time.

I am pretty sure I recovered as quickly as I did out of boredom. Since mastering the art of moaning to myself the last time I fell ill, I didn’t really leave much to improve upon.  Well, except for that huge bin of newspapers in the corner of my room staring me down because they need to be organized into a portfolio …

And as far as amusing myself goes – I failed miserably. We got a new TV for Christmas that I attempted to watch for the first time but the double remote action turned out to be  more than I could handle.  Side note: With so many improvements in TV technology today: HDTV, plasma, TiVo, one would think it could all be contained on one remote. Is anyone working on this? I considered keeping a log of my activities but I didn’t do all that much worth writing about. After all, I was sick.  So while I am uncertain if it was guilt or boredom that prompted my miraculous recovery, either way, it’s good to be back.

2 thoughts on “Sick Day – Part II

  1. There is a thing called a Universal Remote, Munsey.

    That’s about as much as I know. Remote controls mystify me. My tv-watching abilities are somehow still stuck in the age where there was a cable box with the sliding thing that went up and down the channels, and if you wanted to watch a movie you put the TV on channel 3 and press play.

    I’ve had a universal remote before, but I could never figure out what to press. You want to watch TV, but you are not supposed to press TV, you have to press the button for the Cable Box. And then you can’t figure the damn thing out, so you give up and walk over to the TV and try to change the channels there, and that doesn’t work either! This is why now that I live alone, I don’t even have a TV and I just knit in my spare time and sometimes watch movies on my computer.

    In any case, glad you’re feeling better, and I am so excited you will come to visit us soon!!

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