why you get two

It was two years ago this week that my dog Cody died. She was a black Labrador retriever and resembled a cross between a bear and a seal, but she was more human than dog, more cat than  lab.  Cody knew how to fetch but preferred not to; she knew how to swim, but preferred lounging on rafts in the pool. In sum: Cody lived life on her terms. 

We got her when I was 12 after pressuring the parents into getting a second dog. Cody and I grew up together. She was by my side during my first , second, and third … break ups. She was there for my grandfather after open heart surgery. And she guarded our older dog Brenna during her final days, electing to sleep by her side instead of at my parents feet. When Cody finally passed it kind of signaled the death of my childhood. I was 25.

But no one took Cody’s death harder than my parents and brother Matt. After I went to college they became her world. They were the people that changed the bandages on her legs from the cancer sores. They were  people who shuffled alongside her on her walkabouts. They cuddled her as she entered her final night’s sleep.

When I would come home to visit from California our house was eerily quiet. There were no nails clicking on the hardwood floors, no drive by ankle licks, no stray furs stuck to the carpets. It was a sad place to come home to.

Awhile ago my dad mentioned that he wanted another dog.  No, he needed another dog. My mom took a bit longer to convince. When I was home over Christmas she said maybe … in the spring. Turns out, spring came early to Boston.

Because my parents went to visit a breeder yesterday to address their concerns about the health and history of the animals. They were just going to look . Afterwards they had a difficult decision to make. My mom wanted a yellow lab, my dad wanted a black one. Unable to come to an agreement they did the next best thing: they got two.

There is nothing like adding two puppies to galvanize a family reunion. I am already looking at flights to Boston for a weekend visit next month. And there is an added bonus. The old people in my family are already freaking out with joy. That gives Matt and me two more years to dodge wedding questions.

Here are the pictures of the two newest members of the Munson family. Now the only problem is going to be agreeing on names.


7 thoughts on “why you get two

  1. After looking at these cute little bundles, how can you pick just one? Which one would you have picked?
    We have had the experience of loving and training two dogs already, so, why not do it again??? I knew we were going to get one dog this spring, but two!! (We may be dealing with a little early dementia, but what the heck, you only go around once!) We welcome suggestions for names, two syllable girl names only please. We are so excited! Hope you will see them while they are still small, they grow so fast. We will keep you supplied in photos.

  2. Jen already threw out the names I suggested – not that her ideas were any gems either. I have two vetos to offer … so far.
    1. Ginger. Neither dog is red. It doesn’t make sense. Matt agrees with me on that.
    2. Layla. Not into it.

  3. Personally PC,
    I like Harriet and Dottie. But I don’t have much support on that end. And something tells me Papercup and Mixmaster are off the list too…

  4. I don’t think you want name suggestions from me… just look at my own dog’s names – Julinka & Celeritas!

    The pups look so cute! 2 puppies sure is going to be a handful!

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