New Year, New Life

January 1st, 2008 began rather depressingly. Emily lay on the front lawn of my old apartment in San Jose with a raging case of the spins while I packed the ‘Ru with moving boxes after a break up the week before with my live in manfriend. It was a year of changes – most of which were pushed on me and came whether I was ready for them or not.

I began 2008 in a new apartment, in a new city, with new roommates and no plan. But I had Emily. Turns out, that was enough.

Over the course of 2008 I  logged several hundred miles on the roads and trails of San Francisco, distancing myself from the past that didn’t work out and future I had yet to imagine. Well, I have had 12 months to reconcile my thoughts and here’s what I’ve come to realize: 2008 was a year of unexpected upgrades.

But after doing a short inventory of the things I gained in 2008 I realize I’ve come out on top. Here’s a short tally. Losses: One boyfriend, one apartment, one future. Gains: New friends, new city, Joe Purdy, increased mileage, new career path, new future.

This time last year I signed up for the Big Sur Marathon because I needed to work towards something. I needed to prove to myself that I was still strong, that I was capable of pushing myself forward. So I joined a running club where I discovered new trails, met new friends, and put back on the weight I lost after the break up.

Two weeks before the race I felt strong, I felt ready. Then I tore my calf and was sidelined from running for nearly three months. I pretended to like swimming. I took long walks. I tried to perfect my pool game. (Looks like I may need another year.)

Well, I am happy to report that 2009 began much less dramatically. I entered the New Year surrounded by my two best friends  in Boston and harboring completely sober thoughts about the year ahead. 2009 will bring even more changes  in my life – but this time, they will be on my terms.  In the meantime, I have a marathon to complete. I signed up today for the Big Sur Marathon in April. I figure I should probably finish what I started. Because new challenges are waiting around the corner.

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Life

  1. Tore your calf?!?! Ewwwww, I hope it comes with a sweet story about rescuing a child from the Bay and snagging it on a shark’s tooth.

    As someone who just landed in the bay area your year gives me hope that good things are to come. It’s intimidating and sad to realize that things won’t ever be exactly the same as they were, but that’s the whole point right?

    happy new year to moodswings, one of my favorite blogs. “blogging” might be “dead” but people telling people how they feel and what’s on their mind will live on a long long time.

  2. PB – I think you and the Bay Area will become great friends. There is nothing quite like Boston, but San Francisco is a wonderful city to rest your bones for awhile. Don’t be intimidated. Get hungry. I am going to show you some tasty places to eat soon.

    And as far as a really sweet story about the torn calf … I wish I could say I wrecked it during the final leg of an Ironman that I was about to win … however, the truth is it popped in front of a bar on Lombard Street. Nice. I am still actually looking for it.

  3. This has really been some year for you! This is so inspiring, I thank you for sharing this and 2008 with me!

    Cheers to ’09!

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