why you have three

I am pretty sure I know why my parents had kids. Was it because they really loved children? Because they wanted to raise a family? Because they thought it would be really cool to see what combinations they could make?


My parents are more practical than that: They lived in New England. It snows there. And they needed help shoveling. So my parents had three.

I have been back in Massachusetts for exactly two days and I have helped shovel more than 17 inches of snow. So far. After finishing both the front and back walkways this evening I announced I was going inside. My fingers were frozen and my pinky toe was about to fall off.

“California is done shoveling!” I said before stomping inside.

For the next week I have to live amongst these hardy New Englanders who now think I am a wimp. We are about to sit down for dinner. That my dad grilled. Outside.

2 thoughts on “why you have three

  1. This made me laugh out loud. I still remember the high school days that Andy and I would pity you guys and come help you shovel the driveway. And then when we we’re done, we’d start over again and get the 6 more inches that fell out of the way. Snow days didn’t have the same meaning in the Munson household as they did in the Yurko houshold. I love you guys.

  2. It’s true. My mom would actually wake us up earlier than we would have had to for school in order to get a jump on all the shoveling. Totally evil.

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