more intruders.

I thought I had won. Turns out it was only round one.

This week it has been especially damp and cold in San Francisco and this morning I woke to find that ants had returned to hide out in my bathroom until the rain subsides. Bastards. I turned on the light, opened the closet, and there they were . Two dozen tiny black ants marching in a straight line from the floor to the ceiling. Some were on their hind legs wiggling their antennas and front legs at each other. I could only imagine what they were saying. But I am pretty sure if I could speak insect I would have heard “sucker” repeated up and down the line.

Because after they infiltrated my apartment the last time I plugged every possible gap and wiped down the surfaces with ammonia to eliminate their pheromone trail. Or so I thought. I even left out the ant traps just in case and one tiny black carcass to serve as a reminder should any survivors decide to retaliate. Why they have selected my apartment as a place of refuge I don’t know. Especially with my track record of extermination. But they are persistent little buggers I will give them that.

My reaction was typical of whenever I find insects inside my house (if not slightly more subdued because it was 6 a.m.) I screamed, swore and debated how to kill them without actually having to touch them. Kind of like this guy… only without using the N word.

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