love lessons i learned from the old people in my life

I recently learned that two more of my friends have become engaged. Now if I’ve done the math correctly, this means that 46 percent of my former roommates are either engaged or married. Two already have babies and have two more on the way. Naturally, this news is alarming to me. It means I am getting old.

And at this point in my life marriage seems like a nice idea … someday. It’s that thing I intend to do at some point. Kind of like finally buying a digital camera, learning how to use my iPod, or visiting Iceland. It’s on the list. It’s just not a priority item. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t done my homework.

My grandparents have been married for 61 years. I talk to them every week and get the scoop on all the things I am missing on the home front – from my grandfather’s analysis of the latest Patriots game to my grandmother’s analysis on which players look the best in spandex. You know, the important stuff.

However, this week I took the opportunity to ask them about other significant subjects like their marriage. After a few false starts, (my grandmother had to first locate her hearing aid, turn it on, then upon realizing the battery was dead needed the conversation translated by my grandfather ), they both answered my questions about how they knew they were each other’s other.

ME: Grampa, how did you know Nana was the person for you?

HIM: “Her mother told her to marry me because I could fix things around the house.”

Translation: Be practical when choosing a spouse.

ME: Nana, why did you decide to marry Grampa?

HER: “Because I couldn’t get rid of him. He couldn’t stand to see anyone else drive me home so he would follow me. I figured I couldn’t get rid of him so I might as well marry him. I have no regrets.”

Translation: Loyalty is the most important thing in life.

ME: “Nana, what’s the weather like in Boston?”

HER: “Oh, it’s freezing.”

ME: “Do you have the heat on?”

HER: “Yes. I just stay inside a lot.”

ME: “Then I guess that means you have to wear you slippers and cuddle with Grampa.”

HER: “Oh, we still cuddle.” [laughs.] “Not as much as you young people cuddle. But we definitely still cuddle.”

ME: [Mouth agape. Too much information. Too much information.] “Awesome Nan.”

Translation: Find someone you can ‘cuddle’ with for life.

3 thoughts on “love lessons i learned from the old people in my life

  1. Miss Megan,

    Apparently if you live with me you it’s one sure path to marriage. Almost half my former roomies are either married or pregnant. So be warned. When you decide to move back to California, consider carefully if I ever offer to shack up with you! Though it would be really fun …

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