Thanksgiving in LA – part 2

For the first two days of our trip to LA I had to be put on the DL because of an injury I incurred while playing tennis. On the Nintendo Wii. Nice.

I recall hearing reports that people were hurting themselves while playing with the Wii when it first came out. I remember thinking those people were idiots. How can you hurt yourself while playing a virtual sport? Well, I am changing my opinion on the matter. Those people are serious athletes.

It all started after Emily and her brother challenged me to a game of tennis. It looked simple enough. Hold a little remote thingie and swing at a little ball on the TV screen. I couldn’t refuse.

But someone really should have told me to warm up first. Because the competitor in me came out swinging and I am paying for it now. For the first two days of our LA trip I hobbled around Andrew’s apartment with a case of tennis elbow and a minor ankle sprain I sustained from all the extreme jumping. I also have bruises from repeatedly crashing into the coffee table. But in the end, it was worth it. The higher I jumped, that harder I swung, the better I seemed to play. (Just ask Andrew.) You should see my serve!

Curious about other Wii enthusiasts, I looked up common injuries sustained while playing and it seems most involve flying remotes and overuse strains. I encountered a Web site devoted to posting videos of individuals with Wii injuries. It is aptly titled Nintendo also has posted consumer safety information prior to use of the Wii at

Tennis elbow aside, I am pleased to report that the only other injury we incurred in LA was after we ate Thanksgiving dinner. Emily and I lay on the carpet exhausted from all the eating. She moaned in pain from gorging herself with homemade mac n’cheese, corn fritters, sweet potatoes, veggies and two different types of turkey. “Do you think it’s possible to tear your stomach,” Em asked.

Just then my phone rang. It was my dad, a doctor, and just the man to answer the question.

ME: “Dad, is it possible to tear your stomach from eating?” I asked.

DAD: “Are you drunk?” he asked.

ME: “No, but Emily thinks she tore her stomach.”

DAD: “It is highly unlikely.”

In the end Emily did not tear her stomach. She was just really really full.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in LA – part 2

  1. I played Wii bowling four days before the Boston Marathon. BAD IDEA. Wii bowling is essentially the equivalent of performing a long series of lunges with one leg. One side of my butt was still sore at the starting line.

    I’m glad Emily didn’t tear her stomach.

  2. Why, why, why doesn’t anyone tell you to warm up beforehand? These ridiculous injuries make me feel … old. It’s a bummer about the sore bum Miss Mary. Now we know better.

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