Today is my one year anniversary with my new life. It’s been a rather tumultuous year of changes – new job, new apartment, new city, new boys.

I made the decision to change careers last year and began the first day of 26 unemployed. It was my little gift to myself to figure out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to accomplish in this life. Turns out I am still piecing all that together, but at least I am getting a bit closer to zeroing in on my path. Though, I am not sure we ever really come up with a final answer. I think it’s kind of a moving target that changes as we age.

My dad says that when he grows up he wants to become a carpenter. He has been a doctor for the past 30 years.

Anyhow, I will share that changing careers was not an easy transition for me. It’s hard explaining to potential employers what it is exactly that journalists do  … You might be surprised to learn how little people know about the profession.

In sum: Journalists make phone calls and dig for stories. Perform research and validate facts. Then pitch the story to an editor. And then their work day begins. Throughout the day they make a lot of phone calls. Interview people. Travel to various locations gathering information. Then they sit down and analyze everything, cut out the jargon, and reduce it to something palatable to the general public. On deadline.

Yet, many employers don’t see how those skills translate to a functional position at their companies. Reporting! That’s great! What channel are you on?


To make a long story short: a really great editor took a chance on me and I am happy. But it took a lot of patience and personalizing of the resume in the meantime. One day I was particularly frustrated. I was about to pack up the ‘Ru and head back East to the safety of mom and dad’s house when I read my horoscope.

I cut it out of the paper and pasted it to the back of my cell phone where it remains to this day, tattered and yellowed. I still flip over my phone for reassurance every once in awhile.

Here it is:

“Contrary to popular belief, time is a friend who works for your highest interest. Begin a habit you can do once a day over the next three weeks. You’ll witness the incremental movement of a mountain.”

For me, I made sure to find and apply for one job I would like to have each day. It eventually paid off. I spent about a month adhering to this mantra then took a vacation to Tahoe. When I returned I had a job offer. But I believe this advice applies to any obstacle you are trying to surmount. So if you are going through a difficult period in your life – maybe it’s time to find the one habit that will pull you out of the darkness and over the hill. I will meet you on the other side.

2 thoughts on “horoscope

  1. Happy Anniversary Kris! Life is about change. It’s about dreaming, doing, searching. Once we stop moving, what’s the point? The trick is to enjoy the trip, and not worry so much about the final destination. You are truly an inspiration to me and I must admit that I’m a little envious of all the fun you’re having. I’m proud of the woman you are now, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you become when you’re all grown up!

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