perfect brunch

“To old friends, to new friends, to girlfriends.”

Jordan did the honors as the sailing crew (read: boozeswains) recommenced Sunday morning for the launch of our first brunch together. Mimosas in hand, we sat in Dayton’s living room amidst a feast of veggie bacon scramble, thick cut cinnamon raisin french toast, homemade strawberry short cake scones, fruit salad, Blue Bottle coffee, and of course – more mimosas.

I would like to report that we paced ourselves. That we used proper flatware at all times. Heck, that we even used napkins. Maybe it’s because we first met on a sailboat one week ago and swigged fine wine staight from the bottle that allowed us to bypass all manners of civility Sunday. Perhaps we were all just starving after a night of sushi and girl talk? (Wait, that was me.)

Alright, I admit, it wasn’t that bad. We did use napkins at one point. But we gorged ourselves to the point of near sedation by an advanced case of food coma. And … it was totally worth it.

So I have assembled a list of all you need to know in order to host the perfect brunch. Now, you too, can experience all the glory that is Sunday Brunch at Dayton’s.

1. Only invite cool people. Brunch is only as good as the people at your table.

2. Don’t count the caloric intake. All courses are assembled based upon what tastes the best. Do not make substitutes and do not prepare meals on the cheap. Remember, this is brunch – it’s two meals in one. (Thanks Jordan.)

3. Put all parties to work. Breakfast food seems easy. But the meal can go terribly wrong if the timing is off. No one wants to sit down to a meal of cold eggs, hard scones, and bitter coffee. Hosting the perfect brunch requires all hands on deck. Assign tasks to people such as first mate in charge of coffee, scone steward, and fruit wench. Tip: Involving everyone in the preparation makes the cooking process easier and creates a sense of we’re-all-in-this-together when you awake from the food-induced coma surrounded by a mountain of dirty dishes.

4. “Many hands make light work.” This is a phrase I grew up hearing from my Italian grandfather throughout my childhood. It applies to everything important in life. I have found this advice to always hold true as long as everyone does his or her part well. In our case, we formed a kitchen assembly line where Em and I manned the sink, Dayton and company cleared and cleaned. Aside from some minor flooding in the kitchen, this strategy was close to perfection.

5. Always toast the chef. After all, you do want to be invited back. And if you followed Rule number 2, you are essentially patting yourself on the back. And doesn’t that feel nice?

6. Nap afterwards. You will need it.

One thought on “perfect brunch

  1. I KNEW I’d get to read about it, to remember the smiles of brunch when I’m grumbling about printers at work… ahhh…g’times, g’times. And a scone reheated this AM made for a tasty bfast on the go!

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