Dear Andy,

Dear Andy,

I am writing to inform you that the Jenny you lent Emily and me this weekend will not be returned in quite the same condition. Over the past four days we have made some minor adjustments to the model. I wouldn’t call it a full upgrade, but the Jenny you will receive has several new applications and features. We think you will appreciate the modifications.

New look: We changed the color of the model using a natural infusion of sunlight. We are calling it: tan.

New speed: After introducing a road bike to the mix, the new Jenny has a penchant for downhill racing. But don’t worry. With the increased speed, the new Jenny comes with a shiny protective helmet.

New sound: After being stuck in the car for hours with a certain folk crazed driver the new Jenny is permanently programmed to play Joe Purdy. Sorry.

New program: Within hours of her arrival, the new Jenny was installed with her own flickr account where you can view the entire transformation process.

Andy, we apologize if any of these installations are difficult to navigate at first. After much testing by our systems experts we have found that the new Jenny seems to shut down after the following: 50 miles bike rides and limited access to Emily and Kristen. For best results, please return to SF within six months for further adjustments. Please call our customer service line with any questions or concerns you may have.


Kristen and Em

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