Yosemite trip – part 3

After three days in Yosemite I have a new found love of dehydrated Folgers and Coffeemate creamer and a rekindled appreciation for my bed. We went without showering, without electricity, e-mail or blogging for nearly 76 hours. Oh, how I miss the woods.

Driving back to San Francisco Monday, I could feel my blood pressure rising. There was traffic. And mail. Dirty laundry and politicians pointing fingers. I guess you can run off to the woods, but you sooner or later you have to come home.

In the mountains the big decisions of the day are where are we going and what are we eating when we get back? At 10,000 feet and standing on top of Cloud’s Rest peak it’s just you and whatever God you believe in. There is no news unless you seek it. No human contact unless you crave it. No music unless you count the wind.

It’s you and the one bee that found its way to the top. Miles off in the distance is the valley floor. You know that below it’s an amusement park of buses and gift shops. But right now it all feels so far away. Right now, you are so thankfully alone.

And then you get a text message.

Sunday, just as we crested the summit of Cloud’s Rest, Em’s mom texted her to let her know she joined Facebook. Nothing quite like getting away from it all.

Five miles away we could see Half Dome and the line of crazies waiting to climb the cables. Patches of snow rested in the shadows of the mountaintops nearby. In Yosemite, some of the peaks resemble  cathedrals. Now, maybe you don’t consider yourself a religious person. But I am. And standing atop those mountains makes you feel impossibly small, yet somehow intimately connected to something much larger than yourself. 

From this vantage point, it’s impossible to tell exactly where boundaries end or begin. Within an hour of our arrival, the peak was populated with hikers from across the world. People of all backgrounds and ages shared binoculars and traded handshakes before parting ways. From our peak on Cloud’s Rest I wrote postcards to all the old people in my life and I appreciated the view for those who will never get there.

Here are some photos Emily snapped from our trip. Andrew is a deliquent and has still not posted his to Flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/emilyyurko/sets/72157607086185663/

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