in case you missed it …

the Olympics are here.

By now, you already heard that Michael Phelps tied the record with 9 gold medals in swimming. You couldn’t help but watch the replay of the  U.S. men’s glorious come back against France in the 4 x100 relay. It’s all over the place – your homepage, your e-mail, Youtube.

But even if you haven’t picked up a paper, turned on your computer, or flipped on the television today – you likely already know about the bronze medal the U.S. men’s gymnastics won after overcoming a slew of injuries and setbacks on their way to Beijing.

However, what may have escaped your notice is that the Tampa Bay Devil Rays are still in first place in the AL East. They are on top by four games over the Red Sox. And perhaps even more disturbing, the Yankees are nine games back.

When did this happen?

Sure, it’s no surprise that the Rays have been playing well. But I guess I didn’t realize that they were playing that well. I mean, up until last week I still had a photo from the Coco Crisp brawl with the Rays in June serving as my screensaver. I guess they still have something to prove.

Furthermore, while the rest of the population is focusing on what’s happening in Beijing, I can’t tear my eyes from the AL West standings. The A’s are 20 games back!?! And the Giants seem to be … winning lately?  What is happening in baseball?

However, standings aside, I was completely floored when I logged onto this morning and the first story I saw on the homepage was about Manny Ramirez and how he won’t cut his hair. Are you serious?  Why does anyone back in Boston actually care? He doesn’t play for our team anymore. He’s LA’s problem, LA’s story.

I’m convinced the trade was a good thing. I trust Theo. Let’s move on.

But it’s not just Boston’s papers who need some direction.

Apparently with the Angels killing it their own division and the Dodgers chasing first in theirs – the top story in LA is Manny’s hair. Manny’s generosity with the funds he is donating to charity (the money resulting from his fine for the pushing “incident” back in Boston). Manny is making friends in the clubhouse. Nice.  He’s only been there two weeks now. I’m glad he’s finally making close pals with his teammates. But what is this, third grade?

So I am taking back my previous rant about the Olympic news coverage being weak. My new target … baseball beat writers.

3 thoughts on “in case you missed it …

  1. dude. do you want a medal?
    bees make the honey honey. they also sting. ballplayers make plays. they run. they catch. and they hit. good for manny for proving he does more than just hit. it’s about time. however, i am going to put this out there … i am saying it was defensive indifference. i’ll go a step further to say that if manny can steal a bag off a pitcher … he probably isn’t a very good pitcher.

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