where is the outrage?

Maybe I’m wrong about this.

But the Rich Harden trade makes me … angry. And I’m not even an A’s fan.

Maybe it’s the lack of outrage that has me upset. But I feel bad for A’s fans. In fact, I am actually angry for them. I get that they are a low budget team. I understand that there probably isn’t a solution to solving the problem of the gap between big budget teams and those with peanut payrolls coming any time soon. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.


But have Oakland fans been so brainwashed into this Moneyball thing that they will accept losing (yet another) one of their great pitchers? Why does every year have to be a rebuilding year? The ownership needs to throw down and invest. Big time. No risk, no reward.
This would not happen in
Boston. At least not without a barrage of angry callers phoning in to WEEI first.


In exchange for Harden and Gaudin, the A’s acquired several relatively unknown players without much hope of carrying the team higher in the standings. Not that this is anything new. Let me get this straight: I do hope I am wrong about all this. I do hope Billy Beane has assembled a team that can take the A’s past the first round of the playoffs. (The exception being: unless they are playing the Sox.)


I like the A’s. I respect the A’s. They are scrappy. If all the MLB teams got in a bar fight, I would want to be on their team. (Again, that is behind the Red Sox.) However, the A’s front office seems content to have a team that just makes it to the playoffs. But you don’t win without heart. You don’t win without veteran ball players in your clubhouse. The A’s have heart. They need old school players. Like …someone over the age of 28.


I am tired of fans accepting the reasoning that Harden is injury prone.  His value will drop substantially after this season. Blah blah blah. It’s not about Harden anymore. It’s about all of the solid players they have lost before. Right now, the A’s are just the farm team for my team and all the others cashing in on Beane’s intuition.


A friend said this to me this morning:


“Look what happened to Zito immediately after being traded. He sucks now and he was a stud forever over in Oakland. In the Zito case, I feel as though it’s a scene from Braveheart. The Giants are the British and Oakland is the angry Scotsmen. Currently, the Scotsmen are flashing their balls at the Brits and telling them how stupid they were to take Zito.”


A fine point.


But for once I would like A’s fans to lift up their greens to the ownership and tell them where to kiss it.

One thought on “where is the outrage?

  1. The A’s are like the Marlins, they get good players and trade them away for prospects but like the Marlins, The Marlins are only spending 22 milion dollars for their payroll and competing with teams with players whose contracts are bigger then the Marlins payroll but they are competing. The A’s time will come when the Angels and Seatle dwindle. If you get lots of promising prospects like one of the people in the Rich Harden trade you can succed like the Marlins

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