Getting started …

I guess it’s only appropriate that I came out of my cave and joined the rest of the blogging world on Independence Day. Or “join the Internet” as Emily says. It’s been a gradual process. Glacial actually. The problem is I love paper. Especially thick paper with letterpress. I love the finality of a pen on a page. The way it carves out grooves you can feel and know there is no going back, no delete function. Plus, I detest technology.

I am afraid of my phone. I don’t know how to use the photo function. I am not even certain it has photo taking capabilities. I hate texting. I hate customizing my ring tone? I am old school. Call me.

But since I like talking to people – apparently the only way I will be participating in the conversations going on around me is if I “join the internet.” So the time has come for me to join the rest of you. Maybe one day I will even buy a digital camera. Besides, my journals have been gathering dust for some time now and all the loose pens floating around my purse are really marking it up.

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2 thoughts on “Getting started …

  1. See, I’m such a dinosaur. I finished my book all in longhand. My laptop used to be called a looseleaf notebook. It never suffers battery drain, and can be used on planes always.

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